Funding For Investment Property

Funding For Investment Property – Foreign Direct Investment Policies – Starting An Investment Fund

Funding For Investment Property

funding for investment property

    investment property

  • Real estate that generates income, such as an apartment building or a rental house.
  • A property that is not occupied by the owner.
  • Any piece of property that is expected to generate a financial return. This may come as the result of periodic rents or through appreciation of the property value over time.


  • The action or practice of providing such money
  • (funded) furnished with funds; “well-funded research”
  • support: financial resources provided to make some project possible; “the foundation provided support for the experiment”
  • Money provided, esp. by an organization or government, for a particular purpose
  • financing: the act of financing

Prupim in £125m Sainsbury deal

Prupim in £125m Sainsbury deal
PRUPIM, the property investment arm of insurer Prudential, has bought three supermarkets occupied by Sainsbury for 125 million pounds for a fund that hedges inflation risk.
The sale and leaseback deal, made for M&G’s Secured Property Income Fund, is for Sainsbury’s Superstores in Worcester, Truro and Huddersfield, leased for 25 years with rent reviews linked to the retail price index, PRUPIM said on Wednesday. Read more on Reuters

New LCK Building

New LCK Building
LCK President Um took fellow missionary Patrick O’Neal and I to visit the construction site of a new investment property. The LCK will rent it out office and retail space, using the profit for planting new churches, starting a pension fund for retired pastors, supporting Luther University/Seminary, and sending missionaries overseas.
funding for investment property

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